Memorials & Commissions

At Hair of the Dog we understand how much a pet can mean to its owner, and the lengths that some owners will go to keep the memory of their beloved pet alive forever! Our brand is something completely unique and takes pride in being able to gift you with a product made from your own pets hair that can be used either functionally or can be exhibited around the home. 

This is something that can be created whilst your pet is young and running around, or can be made in memory of them too. This is an fresh alternative to having the pets ashes made into products or having prints of their paws being taken. This means you can have an actual material made from purely them. We also will be offering the choice of treating the fabrics, as market research has proven that some owners would rather have fabrics made without being washed so the scent of the dog is still there. We completely respect any choices you make whilst we work for you on your project. 

We are currently designing a bunch of different products to launch to you in Early Spring 2020, and we are considering designs that could be adapted to private commission pieces of your pets. Prices and details will be posted soon so keep tuned. In the meantime, if you are interested in getting a personalised commission made from your very own pet, then just start brushing and collecting!! The more hair the better!