Frequently asked questions

How do I donate my pets hair?

First things first.... At this current time, we can only accept BRUSHED hair for the pet. Any cut/clipped hair will not be accepted due it not being approved to spin into a yarn successfully. We do hope to discover a process where cut hair can be used so please stay tuned and give us a follow on social media! Currently we are accepting hair through post and local collection within the Brighton area... please send us a message on the 'Getting Involved' tab and we can send you all relevent information.

How can I get a product made from my own pet?

We love a commision piece to build!! We understand how important your pets can mean to you, and the idea of being able to create a piece of work for you that is made from your pet that can last FOREVER is something we would absolutley love to do for you! Simply start by brushing as much hair from your pet as possible over a few months, and pop us a message on the 'Getting Involved' tab, from there we can discuss prices, sizes and product types.

Why should I donate?

FYI.... Hair fibres take over 3 years to biodegrade in landfill and due to the properties of hair, it absorbs grease, oils and liquids in its surroundings. This can increase the number of years to decompose. By sending us your groomed pets hair, not only are you recycling a waste product, but you are giving us an opportunity to try and make a change within the textile industry as man made fibres are now adding to the second BIGGEST pollutant on our planet!!!