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Traditional hand spun/woven fabric with a twist

Say goodbye to plastic infused fabrics... and bring your dog with you....



Excess pet hair can take 2 - 4 years to completely biodegrade. Due to its properties its prone to absorbing surrounding liquids and greases meaning this process is prolonged in landfill waste. So don't throw it away.... throw it over to us and we can give the unwanted hair a new do!

More hand spinning today! Some gorgeous

Traditionally hand skilled

From collecting to spinning to weaving the hair into a final fabric using historic textile techniques that are slowly fading from current society. Every fabric/product create in our studio is 100% made by hand with the help of a spinning wheel and 4 shaft weaving floor loom.



From small framed commissions to statement rugs to impress your visitors. Hair of the Dog follows on trend interior design colour palettes to blend in within your home style. From engaging colours to aesthetically pleasing patterns within woven fabrics, designed to blend in with current brands on trend but with a sustainable intention.

Product launch 

We are launching our FIRST full range of products in Spring 2020. For updates and sneak peaks folllow us on social media....

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